Project Description

Is your business sales driven? Are you always looking to influence your conversion rate?

Over the years we have seen the substantial impact of investment in the internal environment. We recently worked with a company that took their environmental graphics to a whole new level!

This company undertook intense research into their sales conversion rate, to explore reasons why certain enquiries did not convert to projects. It was found that potential customers did not go ahead with the projects because they were apprehensive about the quality and creativity of the project that was proposed. The organisation decided to invest in their environment in order to aid their staff in persuading prospective clients of their ability to deliver results. That’s when they called us.

We used our vast experience to help develop and design a complete solution around workplace environmental graphics to highlight the values and strengths of the organisation.

Client meeting rooms were shifted from the reception to an area further into the office, which meant walking the client through the office before sitting down. This allowed the use of the office environment to influence them as they walk through.

Creating a good first impression for customers and following on to reenforce your brand image, mission and values can positively influence a client before they even hear your pitch!

In this case, the company went back and researched their new conversion rate post-environmental redesign and found it was significantly increased. They had successfully addressed the issues of quality and creativity, reaping considerable benefits from the project.

At B2B Signs and B2B Print we can create an environment where the efforts of your employees are supported by the facilities through appropriate and effective internal communication graphics.

It all starts with an initial chat on 021 4303180 or email [email protected] to see how we could use our expertise and your values to influence stakeholder behaviour.

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