Project Description

We had completed various minor sundry sign projects for the exquisite 5 Star Castlemartyr Resort, based in East Cork, but as the new owners worked through the upgrading of the facilities, we were consulted on an external directional signage project. However, as well as functional capability, in terms of helping with directions, our solution was carefully enhancing the market position of the business and the customer experience (CX) on site. We were also mindful of using the signs to help guests explore the country estate and give them reason to spend time on the grounds of the facility and not always choose to take their walks and exploration off the site. Enjoying the estate and its unique environs increased the value the guest received during their stay and a better customer experience led to a deeper relationship and the likelihood of repeat custom.

The way finding and directional options at each decision point were all throughly explored in conjunction with the resort management team and arrow directions, sizes, orientations were all locked down in a thorough fashion. Of note was the intention, not to takeover too much the views with signs that might become too incongruent in size from a distance, but just to achieve a sufficiently obvious and available presence to the guests, should they desire the need of assistance with way finding around the beautiful estate.

Many guests were unaware of the varied dining options available throughout the estate so among the directional signs we designed an informative “Dining at Castlemartyr sign” which introduced the guests to the various dining options, as they travelled up the avenue upon arrival. (The clients liked this idea so much that they commissioned a second identical sign at the original college/estate gates to introduce the dining options to external passing traffic).

The resort is part of a 5 Star group of similar facilities throughout the Uk and France. Our design team had no difficulty providing solution options that were to a standard appropriate for the market position the owners were used to operating at. Our colour options were discussed at length and fonts, material specifications, sizes and finishing options were carefully explored and well tested before final sign off.

The signage was painted to a coded, matched, agreed corporate colour and our production team took great care to finish manufacture stage of the signage to a high quality level.

Typical damage to post and panel signage, on these type of sites, can include groundsmen and grass cutters damaging the signs with various grass cutting equipment. We designed the signs with a retaining sleeve and pin system. Our installation team completed all ground works and installed the signs into carefully excavated holes, using the traditional small stone bricks used in the rebuilding of the cobble walkways in various parts of the estate. This system is designed to allow the groundsmen remove the sign carefully and cut the grass evenly throughout the sign location, replacing the sign afterwards.

The completed project was very well received and the feedback was overwhelming positive. All stages of our process were fully tested with the application of our skills and experience utilised to optimise the results from the project. Our concepts, designs, manufacture, transportation, ground works, and installation were all completed by our team, who are very proud of their work and like nothing better than the pride that comes from a complex job, completed with excellence, such as this.

We were very honoured to be asked to take on this project and we took the responsibility very seriously in order to enhance the beautiful grounds that are, Castlemartyr Resort. It was such a pleasure to work with the management and staff and if you do have the privilege of visiting the resort, don’t forget to compliment the signage! Enjoy your stay!