We will advise, based on our experience what signage solution is right for your project. Did you know that a given visual can have many different options, in terms of material used in the project, to achieve a close approximation of that visual? There are many ways sign companies strip costs out of your project. The day it’s finished, the implications may not be visible. You stand back admiring the new sign on day 1. But as the life of the sign progresses, what choices did you make and what advice were you given regarding, for example, colour fade and material expansion and contraction.

These and other factors all influence the performance of your sign over time and we’re happy to discuss and recommend based on our experience and advice. We’ll survey the premises for any on site issues that require consideration and we will present proposals based on our survey, to help you optimise your best signage look possible. This is why we feel signage surveys are so important.

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