Business Stationery: Notepads

Note Pads

Notepads are a unique marketing and promotional tool. There is a reason why you will see a branded notepad at every hotel you stay in and every conference you attend. With your Brand message effectively repeated throughout the Notepad, your message will continue to travel with the consumer. Notepads offer ongoing exposure, as your brand will come to mind the next time it is used for scribbling a shopping list at home or making important notes for a company meeting. Not only to Display your company logo and strapline, Notepads can be used to highlight your website or useful tips, including a calendar the creative possibilities are endless.

Notepads are popular and loved by all. An authentic, practical way to engage with your clients. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, leaving a positive and memorable impression of your business.



Whether it’s a selfie frame, a cut-out of your loved one, a template or a hashtag graphic, we often produce custom cut out shapes for clients. With full colour prints they can be very useful for PR launches, press photos, business functions or private parties. Give us a call and we’ll help you work out what’s best fo your application.


Our Exterior signs include post and panel signs, site signs, entrance signs, monolith signs, single sided signs, double sided signs, illuminated signs, architectural signs, sign systems, banners, pavement signs, correx signs, aluminium signs, reflective signs, contour cut labels to the shape of your logo, raised letters corporate logos and many more. Let us know what your signage requirements are.


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