Project Description

Do you value a proper presentation of your professional service organisation? Are you trying to findways of impacting the delivery of your services across various stakeholders? Whether it’s customers, clients, key staff, media, investors, bankers, advisers, key suppliers, trade organisation partners, or future prospects, we believe professional looking signage is an excellent, cost efficient, long term enabler of your organisation’s objectives. This office relocation case study for the Cork Business Association is relevant to many professional organisations who value careful presentation of their brand, with quality workmanship and materials, contributing to organisation results for a sustained period of time. The cost of this type of signage, divided by the number of years involved, is excellent value and a very competitively priced spend for the good of a business over time. Architects, solicitors, doctors, dentists, opticians, physiotherapists, osteopaths, business consultants, trainers, financial advisers, engineers are typical of the types of businesses that would benefit from this type of signage.

We met with the Chief Executive Officer and the Marketing Professional of the Cork Business Assiciation as an initial step. We listened to what they were trying to achieve and we took their challenges, views and objectives into account as we looked at the various options open to them in terms of signage. What qualifications & experiences do the individuals in print, design and sign companies have that you hand power over your brand message to? With our Manager having completed 6 years as a director of the Marketing Institite of Ireland and 4 years as a judge of the All-Ireland Marketing awards, and over two decades advising businesses, we believe we were
qualified than most, to help you with your market message.

Add to that track record, the passion and interest we bring to the project from our team that actually enjoy helping people, and creating signage and print that presents businesses properly. We had a good idea what direction to go with this project with proper input from the CBA team. It’s all about trying to find the magic in a project! We edited and re-edited the draft layouts on screen to achieve as much as we could from the potential of the project. Only when we were happy with the layouts ourselves, was it time to show the client our proposal, super imposed over their own premises. We are happy to have the proposal scrutinised by the client and to see them reach for maximum impact for the message displayed.

Once the client signed off on the visuals, our design team transfers the project to the production team for manufacture and print of the various elements. Our production team are certainly not newbies to this work! They have the experience with inks, colour and materials to know at this stage what works and what lasts. The preparation behind the scenes is scenes not witnessed by the client.
Time given to doing the stages properly add enormously to the finished results. The CBA colour chosen for the letters was gold and the application by our professionally trained vehicle spray painter of all the proper stages of sanding, undercoating and spraying isn’t achieved by just anyone. We are aware of competitors putting one colour on letters from a spray can, applied out the back of their
premises! Cringe!!

The day you look at your new finished sign, you may not see the difference. But we do. And within months the faded colour becomes a bit more obvious where the stages are not completed properly.It’s after years that you really see the value you received when the job is done right. The guys carefully installed the Cork Business Association signs and graphics. The team at the CBA were very happy with the finished look. It’s a nice and impactful, professional looking makeover of a premises at the South Mall in Cork City. Good luck and best wishes to guys in their new office. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of working on your project.

Our commitment to you, the reader, is that we’d look for the magic in your project too. Let us present your business properly.
We had some fun creating a video for this case study. Be sure to view and if you know someone moving premises or setting up a business, let them know, that getting their message right from day one pays massive dividends later. Pass on our details, or share the video and we’ll be happy to help.