Project Description

Are you a tradesman? What do you do to promote yourself? Are you aware of the owned media, earned media, paid media model which then leads onto extended echo media?

We were approached by Perfect Home Painting and Decorating based in East Cork. They realised the value of the potential around a compelling advertising message on their main vehicle, an open back pickup Isuzu jeep. Although we often redesign the logo/identity for many businesses, in this case they had already come to know the weakness of their appearance and had engaged with a designer to rebrand the business. They were aware of our work and understood that we like to work hard at presenting a business properly. We like to achieve optimal results in terms of business received back for our client from the investment they spend with us.

In this case, although the logo was given to us, the client had the foresight to commission and pay us to design various options for a vehicle wrap of the jeep so that plenty of discussion could take place around the absolute best option for maximum impact. We are often expected to design vehicle graphics before giving a price because we’re told our competitor has already done that for them. The “rush” design jobs, to a poor standard, that we often come across can do as much damage as good to a business.

It amazes us to see the control given to inexperienced designers over a person’s business, income and livelihood, all to save a tiny amount of money in the outlay. Have you considered absolutely maximising the impact of your message? Have you considered how many years the message will be displayed on the vehicle? Do you understand the difference between the design standards out there? We don’t do “nice” designs, just for the sake of “nice”. We are looking for a connection between the target prospect client and the strengths of the particular brand in the client business.

Have a look at the before and after pictures in this vehicle wrap. Yes, it’s the same vehicle. (We’ve been asked plenty of times!).

Payback period is a financial term for measuring how quickly an investment made in an area by a business, is repaid to that business. In other words it looks at the return and how fast the business recoups it outlay and then continues to gain from the marketing effort that remains in place after the initial investment is recouped.

To this day we still admire the foresight that the owner of Perfect Home Painting had in changing his business message and backing it with strong thought, conviction and investment. He contributed willingly to the debate around the project (which surprisingly doesn’t always happen!), and deserves the amazing success that he received directly from the impression that the vehicle gave to the market of what his business offers.

In this case, the contribution to demand generation (awareness activated) incoming business enquiries (prospecting), the orders received (conversions) and the enhanced presence of the business during the transactions (customer experience) surprised even us. We have a number of stories, which the client has shared with us, which show the vehicle to be directly responsible for many successful projects completed by the Perfect Home Painting team. We’d be happy to share them with you, if this case study is of interest to you. Whether you are an electrician, a plumber, an aerial installer, a chimney sweep or a tradesman of any sort using a van for your work, you should put the advertising potential of vehicle graphics (whether just a side panel, or a wrap) and an effective brand identity to work for you.

There was a reason the guys in Perfect Home Painting and Decorating sent a van in recently for the same treatment, in order to double the potential of the effective marketing message. Do you think they would have wasted their money wrapping a second vehicle, if the first wasn’t a success? …..We don’t think so either…Good luck to them, they deserve their success and we were thrilled to help.