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  • As well as being highly practical, appointment cards are a great marketing tool with a personal touch. When caught up in the busyness of every day life, an appointment card is not only a reminder, but a positive message that you are invested in the individual. This helps your clients to connect personally with your brand and will fit easily into a wallet, for constant brand connection on the go.

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  • Represent yourself properly. There's nothing like a professional business card for clarity of who you are, what you wish to emphasise (like your elevator pitch in a shot glass!), your contact details and of extreme importance's a brand touch point. Even if the person just looks at it as they put it on the meeting table, looks at it again when they put it in their pocket and again when they remove it from their pocket, that's 3 times your brand got the chance of awareness and future recognition adding to familiarity and recall value. At B2B Print we believe that our Business cards are of a much higher standard than ones you can get online. At a very cost effective price what you get in return is a fully branded card to suit your company image and we also offer great advice on the many different finishes that we can do! We start our business cards on 350gsm Silk with matt lamination as standard whereas other companies consider that a premium option. We can offer many different finishes like foiling, spot UV, embossing and various paper stock so your card is always a step above the rest! Purchase your business cards here  
  • Your stationery package is simply not complete without compliment slips!

    Whether it is to say a quick thank you or write a message, it is a perfect personal touch with your brand professionally displayed.

    Pair these with business cards and letterheads for the complete stationery package.

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  • Docket Books are very practical, with a variety of uses within your business. Docket books are mainly used for Receipt Books, Invoice books, Order books and Delivery Dockets. Docket books enable to showcase your brand properly and are a professional touch at the end, or the start of a transaction. Docket Books are available in different sizes and colour formats, including NCR paper for copies and can include your branding and numbering. Docket Books are also available in duplicate/ triplicate. Contact one of our Print Specialists today to see how we can present your company properly through business stationery and get your Docket Books right. Purchase your Docket Books here
  • All types of envelopes printed. Have you thought about the impact of your logo/brand identity on the outside? Notice and impact is strong. Special campaign envelopes in various sizes and colours all add emphasis to your message in a cost effective manner.
  • Letterheads are a visual memory of your brand. A properly designed Letterhead is a memorable form of your brand. Paired with a quality stock, Letterheads are a critical part of your business stationery and correspondence. Present your company properly with professional headed paper whilst promoting your business. When your letter is opened, what do they see? Are you communicating your brand effectively in your business stationery? Once you receive your Letterheads, we can also help advise and supply templates to ensure your brand is consistent on digital platforms too. Purchase your Letterheads here
  • Notepads are a unique marketing and promotional tool. There is a reason why you will see a branded notepad at every hotel you stay in and every conference you attend. With your Brand message effectively repeated throughout the Notepad, your message will continue to travel with the consumer. Notepads offer ongoing exposure, as your brand will come to mind the next time it is used for scribbling a shopping list at home or making important notes for a company meeting. Not only to Display your company logo and strapline, Notepads can be used to highlight your website or useful tips, including a calendar the creative possibilities are endless. Notepads are popular and loved by all. An authentic, practical way to engage with your clients. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, leaving a positive and memorable impression of your business.


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