Size: 3000mm (w) x 2300mm (h)

Fabric displays are a perfect way to highlight your brand presence in a room. Unique soft shapes are a perfect backdrop for professional eye-catching photoshoots and advertising your services.

They are made of 2 lightweight components that are easy to assemble, an aluminium snap frame with a fabric sleeve. Designed to fit snugly over the frame, it is secured at one edge with a zip fastening. These are popular for traveling overseas as the compact carrier bags can be easily checked in.

Fabric Displays are a sustainable option as they can be reused in the future with new fabric prints, additional covers can be purchased separately. You also have the option to have a different print on either side, giving you added flexibility! Fabric displays are also washable and come in different shapes and sizes. Help us to present your company properly with a bespoke Fabric Display tailored to your needs.

* Artwork to be supplied as a high-resolution pdf