Case Study: Retail SME

Retail SME: Cork Meat Company

Project Description

In this case the client had three existing stores, one each in Ballincollig, Carrigaline and Douglas, and was opening a fourth in Fermoy. The client felt that the proposal he received from the sign company he previously used, didn’t do justice to the investment and potential which this new shop fit-out aspired to.

We first met the client at his city office to discuss the communication around the business and to identify how we could best add value to the project.

In a follow-up communication brainstorming clinic we created a proper communication hierarchy for the business and that gave us part of the material to work with, for the designs of internal and external messaging for the new shop.

Our next step was to modernise the corporate identity and logo to make it more fit for purpose and more in line with effective up to date design standards. We held some consistency from the previous logo to help maintain recognition and recall values already built up. The changes we proposed were very well received by the client. This new/amended identity was the final part of the material, we felt we needed for this project to offer highest Return On Investment for the client.

We progressed from there to surveying the shop unit and designing the internal and external messages for each signage area specified. There were communication objectives in mind and the choices made were driven by those objectives. With our proven Marketing pedigree, we can confidently identify and execute these steps in a project.

Our production team manufactured all the internal signs, external signs and window graphics with a view to the quality look and targeted messaging that we were trying to achieve.

The final results, when the installation was completed, were significantly above client expectations. We also designed and printed leaflets, to penetrate the local market and these were distributed through the local residential communities.

We like a project like this where there is a comparable baseline to help enable accountability around results. The shop turnover compared extremely favourably to the other shops and after monitoring results over a period of time, we have now used the learnings from that project, when invited by the client to upgrade all signage at the Carrigaline depot. The new brand has also been rolled out through the vehicles and the Ballincollig shop is next for the B2B treatment.

Besides the marketing communication messages often involved, another important part overlooked by many signage buyers is the quality of materials. There are plenty of discount short life, lower quality materials available to sign companies and the day you stand back admiring the finished project, shortfalls in materials aren’t evident. It’s after year two or three that faded colours losing their crisp professional look takes the edge off the appearance and results involved. We continue to use good quality materials and we’re proud to see the long life at a high level, involved in our completed projects.

We like the shopping experience involved in The Cork Meat Company outlets and we recommend you try them yourself! Remember “It’s all about the Meat”. Tell them B2B sent you! ?

[At the time of writing we are working on a makeover for a different retail client, 8 years after doing the initial project. Unfortunately, the cost involved 2 years ago, in a 2nd outlet (not signed by us) has proven to be a poor investment and we are being commissioned to take out what was put in there and replace it all again.]

So if you’re looking for signage for a retail outlet, “Let us present your company properly”

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