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 What are Vehicle Graphics & Wraps?

Vehicle wrapping is the process of applying pre-printed vinyl film to the surface of your vehicle - either fully or partially covering the vehicle. It is essentially like covering your vehicle in a second skin. Vehicle wraps are used by companies as a means of displaying their logos and images of their products / services on their vehicles.


Vehicle Graphics is the process of applying graphics, images or lettering to the windows or sides of your vehicle, without the covering the surface with a vinyl film.


 Benefits to Your Business

Vehicle graphics and wraps are proven to be one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising your business to a large captive audience. It is essentially like having a mobile billboard promoting your business as you work – drawing the publics’ eye to your branding and marketing message. Vehicle graphics and wraps enable you to potentially advertise to thousands of members of the public each day for a one-off cost.


 Vehicle Magnetic Signs

Vehicle Magnetic Signs are a great alternative to vehicle graphics. If you use your company vehicle for personal use also why not use magnetic panels to advertise your business? During working hours apply the signs to your vehicle and then remove them again outside of working hours.


If you have any questions or queries then please contact our sales team and we will help you to find the perfect Vehicle Signage for your vehicle.


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