Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What advice would you have for businesses buying signage?


Quality signage in terms of design and materials can have a serious impact on the well being of your business. The design and message helps you access your target market effectively, causing a response from the customer matching your strengths and offering. Materials specified, manufactured and installed correctly back-up the strong message in your design. Correctly specified signage can last many years and when the cost is divided over the number of years the Return On Investment (ROI) is usually very high.


Q2. What should sign buyers look out for?


Many signs because of their new and fresh look can seem impressive when first erected. The difference in quality between the offerings of two different sign companies is usually not evident until it is too late. The quality signage programme delivers results and lasts longer. Study past work of sign companies and look for recommendations before engaging with the companies. Don’t buy on price alone as this usually means that the correct recommendation for the design, quality and length of life is being sacrificed or reduced in importance by the company most aggressively compromising such things for price alone.

Do it right once or like some people we are meeting, you end up paying twice.


Q3. Can I provide you with my own images and designs?


Yes, we do design where we are required to, but we often work with customers own designs.


Q4. If required, is it possible to edit the design?


Yes, we manipulate and adjust customer designs.


Q5. How long will it take to get my sign?


This varies according to the project. We present the customer with a layout for approval having discussed the visual requirements in advance. Once the approval is signed off, our designers transfer the job to production for scheduling. Our communication levels usually ensure that we work in line with customer requirements. We do recommend to people to give quality time to consider what content and visual impact the sign will have, so that results can be achieved. Remember the sign will be there for a long time!!


Q6. Do you accept credit cards as a way of payment?



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